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Top Most Common Interview Questions & Answers

To win a job, it is highly important to do well in your interviews. And for that, you need to strategically plan your answers to some of the common yet most important interview questions. 

I’m sure you must have heard about tailoring your resume according to the job role you are applying for. However, these days you also have to tailor your interview answers specific to the job role and the organization you are interviewed for. 

To ace your job interviews, it is highly important that you follow these important steps:

Step 1: Get all the information about the company and the job role that you are applying for. 

Step 2: Know some common interview questions and prepare your answers accordingly. 

Step 3: Ensure your answers are logical and fit well with the job role that you are applying for. 

Step 4: Keep practicing until you are confident. 

These steps will help you win job interviews and fetch you a job role of your choice. These days it is an art to answer the interview questions and impress the interviewer. You might be highly experienced, must have performed well in your previous job roles but if you don’t strategically plan your answers you might fail. 

For your convenience, we have collated some common interview questions that are expected in every job interview. You will find the sample answers as well or the tips to answers those questions. 

Question 1: “Tell me about yourself?”

This is one of the first questions in every job interview. Particularly for the interviewers to know who you are and are you fit for the job role or not. This is the time to impress the interviewer, “the first impression is the last impression”. Utilize this opportunity and talk about the following:

  • Work experience (No. of years, job roles), 
  • Include your achievements, 
  • Projects you have handled so far, 
  • Skills you possess, 
  • Tools you have worked on.    

Sample Answer ” I have been working as a Social Media Executive in an XYZ co. for 2 years and I am responsible for generating traffic organically and creating awareness about the products & services. I am very creative and have always been interested in creating ads & content, which is why I want to follow this Career Path and grow in this job role. “

Question 2: “What is your current job role?”

One of the simplest questions to answers but tailor it according to the job role you are applying for. You may talk about your current job role & responsibilities. 

Sample Answer ” I work as a Social Media Executive responsible for generating traffic organically and creating awareness about the products & services. I generate traffic through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and work on Hootsuite to manage these platforms. Right from content planning to creating daily posts are all handled by me. So, I have thorough experience in handling the entire social media marketing. Almost 50% of the traffic on the website comes through these platforms and the conversion is 10%. The marketing strategies implemented so far have been really helpful in generating traffic and creating brand awareness. “

Question 3: “What are your strengths?” 

It is a golden opportunity for you to talk about your positive qualities. You may tailor these qualities based on the job role you are applying for. Ensure your answer is explicit, customized, and really impresses the interviewer. You may also present some evidence to prove your strengths. 

Sample Answer “I am extremely confident, good at buisness communication, a great team player. I actively participate in all the events and keep myself updated with recent changes happening within the organization and outside. I am always ready to accept the challenges and this brings out the entrepreneurial skills within me. In my current organization, I have suggested multiple unique marketing ideas that have led to our growth. I aim to grow professionally in the field of marketing and to achieve this I believe in smart work yet work hard.”

Question 4: “Why do you want to switch?”

One of the most tricky questions that you would have to handle. Refrain from saying anything negative about your previous or current workplace. 

You may prefer talking about your goals, ambitions, and growth opportunities. 

Sample Answer ” My current job role has become very monotonous and hence I am looking for new challenges so that I can learn new technologies and grow professionally in my career along with the organization.” Or “I am looking for a job role that is in sync with my qualifications and skills.”

Question 5: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” 

This question might sound very silly but there is a lot the interviewer can decide on the basis of your answer. So you should strategically plan and answer this question. You may talk about your short & long term goals. But you should not sound very ambitious as this can raise a question on your selection for the job role.

Sample Answer “I aim to grow professionally in the field of marketing and to achieve this I have planned for upskilling myself in various domains. My next plan is to learn new tools that have been introduced in the market recently.”

Question 6: “Do you have any queries?” 

Do not hesitate to ask any questions. It leaves a good impression if you do so. Your queries can either be related to the organization or the job role.

If you answer these common questions well, that will be half the battle won. You need to strategically plan your answers and rehearse to be successful in any job interview. 

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