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3 Skills You Need To Add For The Career Of The Future

3 Skills You Need To Add For the Career of the Future

There is a shift happening rapidly in the way traditional careers are moving. Whatever line of career you choose, you will have to be ready to blend three key things into your way of thinking and working if you want to succeed in the career of the future.

Design Thinking

So, what is design thinking? It is not just the working process for a designer or an architect. Going forward, this is the working process that will prevail across almost all jobs.

Design Thinking is about a solution-based approach to solving a user problem. With design thinking, you are meant to challenge the traditional assumptions about any work or solution, develop a deeper understanding of the target user. Design thinking actually pushes you towards using almost a hands-on method for developing any solution. With design thinking, you have to learn to understand your users, predict their problems and redefine their problems to develop alternate strategies and solutions. 

With the push towards design thinking in most organisations, it is a good idea to develop this aspect in your skills repertoire even as you gear up for your career.

Predictive Analysis

So how do you enhance your design thinking process? With analysis and predicting capabilities. Today data analytics is driving businesses in a big way. Predicting the data available and pre-empting a user’s problem and then designing. The process is completely proactive, which means that you should be able to handle data and use the data meaningfully, and react to the results with the right solutions.

It is a general trend now that businesses are using predictive analytics in every aspect of their business process to improve their revenues. As you take your career journey forward, think of getting a serious understanding of Predictive Analytics. Experience of Analytics on your Resume will definitely ensure a good job prospect. Seek the help of a mentor to understand how you can work around Predictive Analytics in your chosen field.

AI, Machine Learning & Robots as Helpers

You must have been hearing a lot about how everything around you is being driven by Artificial Intelligence, which in turn is dependent on Machine Learning or Deep Learning. So as you get ready to plan your career ahead, ensure that your skills include the capability to work around AI-driven processes. This actually makes life a lot easier for the person, since you can improve your performance at work with the help of AI-driven inputs.

Also, be prepared to work alongside Robots as you set your sight on future jobs. According to research from McKinsey, 45 per cent of basic work processes and the job will become automated in the coming years. This means that you should no longer focus on basic skill sets, but look at how you can upgrade those. Do research on the industries you are interested to work in and see how the level of automation will impact your chances of a job. The best way to do is to try internships at your focus segment and see how skilled you are. This will also give you an indication of how you should move in your career as AI, Machine Learning and Robots become a norm.

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The career of the Future is nearer than you think. Be prepared for it now, and you will definitely achieve success.

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