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6 Ways To Rebuild Skills To Restart Your Career

6 Ways to Rebuild Skills to Restart Your Career

When we start working towards employment, the initial course of action is to get a job. Securing a job involves working towards good marks in academics, having a good resume and being adequately prepared for interviews. Many of us are lucky to get a head start in a career we love. This may be due to our skills, passion and exam scores aligning well enough for a suitable opportunity. But many of us start off with what may not be the dream job we wanted.

When we work for a job we do not particularly enjoy, then career planning and growth becomes difficult. You may go from job to job, but you may not necessarily find a career.  A career is defined as, “An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.” Hence when you talk about a career break, it must be understood that it’s not just the time gap between two different jobs but more an extended period away from the earlier course of work. This time taken out of professional life could be due to several reasons – parenting, planning/raising a family, looking after family members, a medical condition, channelizing a hobby into a business, a travel break, exploring freelancing and many more.

Considering that you built a perfect career and then took a long break, you might want to restart your work journey from where you left off. Here are six ways to help you restart your career in no time:

1. Join a professional association

This will help in networking with the senior people in the industry who can help in connecting you with resources. This can help in decreasing some of the stress that comes with direct online job searches where you are competing with multiple contenders. Having an association name on your resume might look good and help in building a stronger resume format.

2. Build relevant networking

It’s meaningful to be present on social networks like LinkedIn where you can build on your professional connections. You can also write articles around your expertise to increase your follower base and interactive engagement based on your posts. In the case of offline networking, being present at free events, job fairs, book readings and tech events will broaden your horizons technologically and bring you quickly up to date with digital innovation. Get started on a LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one yet.

3. Make a list of your skills

It’s important to brush up your earlier skills and acquire new skills related to your field by way of online or MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) courses. Being in the loop will be an advantage when you are making job enquiries, networking or interviewing.

4. Read and discuss.

Reading makes anyone smarter and gives a better grasp on vocabulary even for the best people. It also relaxes the mind and helps analytical skills. Stay up-to-date on news and views related to your professional sphere. Having periodic discussions about world affairs will help you to understand various perspectives and form your own viewpoint.

5. Revamp your resume

You can rework your resume format and add the new skills and keywords you have acquired during the sabbatical/long gap. If you feel you need help in reworking your resume, SahiCareer has a CV creator and resume builder you can access on the website. You can also see a free sample resume, to begin with.

6. Get professional career guidance

Seek help from industry mentors for a more focused and personalised career plan. SahiCareer is founded by IIM alumni who have come up with different modules of career plans for you. Career plans are personalised and customised, depending on whichever stage in life you may be regarding your profession. You can also take our online career assessment test which is a scientifically derived free career aptitude test that will take inputs from you and give you the best career options!

At SahiCareer, we are dedicated to supporting you with the sahi choice for your career comeback. If you are struggling to make Job Decision read our 4 Benefits of Career Counselling in Job Decisions

Cheers and good luck!



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