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7 Reasons Why You Need Career Guidance In School

7 Reasons Why You Need Career Guidance in School

By the time you reach your grade 9, you are under pressure to figure out what stream you want to study and the kind of career that will be suitable for you. It can be a trying time, what with managing your regular studies and exam pressure and career planning.

The decisions you take while in secondary school can have a major impact on your life – affecting your further education and training, and employment. This is why it is important to opt for some kind of career guidance and counselling while you are still at school.

Here are the key reasons why you need career guidance while still in school:

Reason # 1:

Career guidance helps you make educational, training and occupational choices for a more successful and satisfying life ahead.

Reason # 2:

Career guidance starts with a career aptitude test, which gives you clarity on your personality type, your innate talent and your aptitude.

Reason # 3:

You get an understanding of what kind of subject streams will be suitable for you. You can choose your subjects and further curriculum based on the results and expert advice.

Reason # 4:

When you talk to a career guide or a counsellor, the person takes you through a series of choices and options of subjects and future career path, which clears away most of the confusion a high school student may have.

Reason # 5:

Once you work with a career counsellor, you are able to build on your general capabilities, work with your interests and aspirations. You get a realistic view of learning and work options open to you.

Reason # 6:

Through career guidance you move forward in developing the right set of skills, acquiring the right knowledge through planned programs. Your learning experience is more fruitful.

Reason # 7:

Since with career guidance, you are able to make a well-informed choice. This helps you have a more optimistic outlook about your career and life. Career guidance helps a young student develop a sense of purpose and a willingness to forge ahead to a successful life.

With the right guidance, it becomes easier for you to choose the right subjects, and eventually move to the right career path. Career guidance helps you not only helps you understand your aptitude and skills but also shows you the ways you can use them for a better life in future.

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