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Become An HR Easily – Learn The Skillsets For Career In HR

Become an HR Easily – Learn The Skillsets For Career in HR

Become an HR Easily – Learn The Skillsets For Career in HR

  1. Soft Skills
  2. Empathy
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. HR Software
  5. Customer Service Skills 

Each profession demands certain skills that all employees need to possess to do a great job. While this might seem a daunting task, in reality with a bit of guidance and self motivation, learning skillsets isn’t a tough task at all. Continue reading to know how to develop the needed skillsets for career in HR.

1) Soft Skills

The first and most important skillsets for HR career candidates is to have soft skills and know how to use them at the right time. Soft skills doesn’t imply speaking in a meek and weak tone. This actually implies you need to know how to perfect your language skills so that you can get across your message in a clear, concise yet polite manner. HR representatives should ideally have a tone that shows seriousness yet have a manner of speaking that implies they care and have understood the other person’s concerns. Concentrating on both phonetics and word stress in sentences is a good way to practice soft skills.

2) Empathy

Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes and then waking a mile in them, isnt easy but it definitely is possible especially if you wish to become a trained HR representative. A good tip to follow is to always remember that, if the same situation happened to you, how would you feel, how would you want the other person to react and then act accordingly. Treat others as you would like to be treated is another golden rule. Such skillsets for HR career can be learned over time either by practicing with your friends and family or by joining career counselling classes such as Sahi Career.

3) Conflict Resolution

The biggest mistake new HR representatives make is to over promise and under deliver while trying to resolve conflict. It is crucial to note that conflict resolution is one of the many skillsets for career in HR where the HR personnel, needs to first listen, then think of a solution that benefits both parties then give out the solution. Making promises is the worst kind of conflict resolution especially if the promise cannot be kept at a later date.

4) HR Software

There are a myriad of software programs meant to make the lives of HR personnel much easier, learning the top 3 software, at least the basic functions will indeed help you get an edge over other candidates. There are tutorials, workshops, YouTube videos and even Sahi Career counselling classes that can help you understand which software is best suited for HR professionals and how to master these software programs. This is one of the many skillsets for HR career that is easier to learn and will help you for many years ahead.

5) Customer Service Skills

Customer service skills doesn’t necessarily imply phone calls, email customer service or BPO jobs. Customer service skills merely indicates that you have all the needed qualities to listen, understand, empathize, step in during conflict resolution, give a resolution and most importantly do all of the above in a swift and timely manner. TAT or Turn Around Time, also known as deadlines matter a lot during learning customer service skills as one of the skillsets for a career in HR. Two golden rules that will serve you well are to remember to always under promise and over deliver as well as work with the company as a single organism rather than many employees who work in different directions. An employee centric company should be the gold as employees especially the ones that bring in business, are the ones that HR personnel need to emphasize their empathy and their skills on. Any company can only be employee centric if they truly believe that employees matter, irrespective of their work location, their personal traits and unique physical attributes, if the employees are doing a good job and bringing in business then the HR personnel need to highlight and appreciate this.

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