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4 Benefits Of Career Counselling In Job Decisions

4 Benefits of Career Counselling in Job Decisions

How career counselling helps in making job decisions

Looking for a job is never an easy proposition. Besides the lack of opportunities, there can always be more competitive than anticipated. There are multiple steps involved in preparing for job hunting which include career goals and career counselling.

Education and experience level nowadays is not enough for recruiters to extend the initial interview call. Applicants too need to be convinced on their part that they are applying for the right job and will be the right fit for the job description they are considering.

Job seeking sometimes involves several rounds of meetings and discussions with various teams in the organization. This phase can lead to a lot of anxiety for a job aspirant and he/she must be adequately prepared to cope up with the situation. Juggling with many rounds of the interview can be mentally and emotionally draining and might require external and objective support for it to translate to success.

Throughout the process of job decision-making, a candidate has to be focused on success. Even after an offer is made, a thorough reflection is required to understand whether it can be a suitable long-term engagement or not. With the right kind of coaching and guidance available, job securing can actually be a smooth ride for many. Let’s see how career counselling can help job aspirants in making Sahi decisions:

  • Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Personal Branding

  • Identifying the Right Career Opportunities

  • Increasing Self Confidence

1. Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses

Career counselling guides you through to a suitable career path by evaluating strengths and weaknesses based on scientific data. All you need to do is take a career assessment test which helps derive accurate information on personality, IQ and aptitude based on your inputs around yourself. The results can help you identify areas which you excel in and areas which you need to improve in. For example, you may be great in academics but not fare so well in interpersonal skills which are tested during interviews. Your counsellor can help you build on that.

2. Personal Branding

 At an individual level, many of us are unaware of personality traits that can work for us. It is expected of professionals to present themselves as a brand to prospective employers and the job market. Due to the digital presence and professional competition, everyone wants to create a great impression right from the resume stage to face-to-face interaction. In fact, personal branding can be the most effective tool if honed well with the help of career counsellors. They can give you creative inputs to bring out your best and suggest training in areas where you need more skills

3. Identifying the Right Career Opportunities

Career guidance and mentorship can help you get even more focused on your career direction. A career counsellor is trained to match your core skills with the right career opportunities and give you the necessary tools and motivation to build the aspects that might be lacking in your complete professional package. With the help of automated career assessments, you can get discover your own potential that you may not be aware of. Armed with this knowledge, you can apply for jobs that fuel your passion and utilize your skills to the maximum, reaping long-term benefits. Moreover, career counsellors can introduce you to career options that are relatively new which you may not be aware of. All these are important inputs from people in the career counselling industry.

4. Increasing Self Confidence

 Career mentoring is the extra pinch of wisdom that one needs for surviving in a highly professional and competitive world. Having a counsellor and mentor who can decipher data on your skills, personality and IQ and also be your anchor in career mapping can give a high boost to self-confidence. Knowing that someone is there to help you understand your failures and plan your success route is enough to increase anyone’s confidence.

As you can see, there are many benefits of opting for career counselling while going through recruitment processes and job decisions. The right job can change your entire life for the better and a job where you are a misfit might prove to be a detriment to you emotionally and financially. Investing some time and resources in career counselling yields greater benefits than you can anticipate. If you want to Restart your career go through our 6 Ways to Rebuild Skills Restart your Career.

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