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Career Options In Humanities

Career Options In Humanities

A popular notion in the Indian context is that careers and higher education in Humanities are not a choice that can lead to a successful career, as understood among many parents and students. The main reason behind this is the conception that Humanities cannot lead to well-paying jobs and also that Humanities is a stream that is chosen by students who cannot cope with Science or Commerce or who are not academically adept. This blog will help you bust this myth.

Humanities is a very flourishing field and had numerous career options for students pursuing their higher education in it. Humanities majorly consist of six subjects predominantly in Social Sciences which are Political Science, Psychology, Economics, History, Anthropology, and Sociology. Considering the vast nature of Humanities, the career options following Humanities are also very diverse. 

Here are some popular career options that you can opt for in the stream of Humanities:

  1. First, let’s talk about International Relations. International Relations is a very sought after field and can lead to jobs abroad, in very influential positions. Many students who pursue Political Science during graduation also, pursue a Master’s degree specialization in International Relations. International Relations is a stream that deals with higher-order politics at international levels. With good opportunities in higher education, many students can reach up the success ladder very fast and work in places like the World Economic Forum.
  2. The next and second most upcoming field is Psychology. Psychologists, counselors, clinical psychologists, organizational psychologists, sports psychologists, marriage and family therapists and, student counselors are few of the most popular career options in Psychology. Most students pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology followed by a specialization degree or Masters which can be in either Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, or even a diploma in Organisational Psychology.
  3. One of the lesser-known facts about Humanities is that degrees in Social Sciences and Humanities prepare students the best for taking UPSC examinations and entering the civil services. Students who aim to pursue civil services and become IAS, IPS, and IFS officers, pursue degrees in Political Science, Social Science, and Sociology as degrees in Humanities prepare you with the right knowledge that is relevant for cracking the UPSC the examinations.
  4. One of the most common areas that one can enter after pursuing Humanities is Research and Education. Many students who pursue their specialization in Humanities subjects become Social Science researchers or professors and teachers in schools and universities. So, if you are someone with an education and research-oriented mindset then Humanities can be a good opportunity for pursuing a career.
  5. Last but not least comes Social Service and Social Work. Social service is a field that is looked on upon as there is a popular belief that people working in the social or development sector do not earn salaries or cannot make stable and successful careers. Well, that is not true at all. Social service-oriented people end up serving non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as project managers, regional managers, or trainers and slowly get the expertise required to fund and start their independent organizations. Numerous people get good corporate exposure through non-governmental organizations by working with them as corporates are the primary investors working to fulfill their criteria for Corporate Social Responsibility and non-governmental organizations aid them in doing that. When talking about social work there are many different types of areas that one can engage in whether it’s working with underprivileged children or it is working for saving the environment or even for educating adults who could not complete their education. Social Work is an arena that focuses on building your career by making the society an equal place an uplifting the underprivileged. So, if you are someone who has a service-oriented mindset and believes in helping people then this might be the correct career field for you.

In this day and age, we live in a very diverse economy where the requirements and needs of the people are very different. Science and Commerce alone cannot drive any economy until and unless we learn how to look after the people in the economy as individuals and growing human beings which is exactly why we need expertise and specialization in fields like Humanities. Humanities and Social Sciences are the way forward to a more inclusive, aware, and developed society.

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