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Cover Letter For Resume

Tips To Write Cover Letter For Resume

We often spent a lot of time learning and exploring various job opportunities, building up our competencies, and also preparing ourselves for the job interviews. And we anguish over what we are going to speak in the job interviews or group discussions. So with the same zeal and sincerity, why can’t we focus on our email content? There are times when we send our well-built resume with complied cover letters and keep waiting for the response from the company. Then we realize that nobody has seen our resume maybe because our email content was not that powerful or impressive enough to draw the attention of the recruiter.

Mentioning a few etiquettes that need to be followed while emailing the resume:-

Know the purpose and content of the email: To have clarity about the job role, requirements, eligibility criteria, and to whom the email need to be addressed.

Short introduction: We need to tell in short about how you got to know about the job vacancy and also a small introduction about yourself.

Mailing with a personal touch: Addressing the mail to the prospective employer which shows your persistence and employer feels little connected and enthusiastic. For example, Dear Meena (Mention the recruiter’s/ hiring manager’s name). Now this will also avoid resume testing carried via ATS (Application Tracking System). Many of the resumes get scrutinized and rejected at this level, therefore addressing and mailing the resume directly is strongly recommended.

Email Content: Need to follow and write a good structure and well-formatted email to the recruiter or the hiring manager. 

  • Use of an appropriate subject line and it should clearly show the purpose and reasons for writing the mail.
  • Addressing directly the recruiter or hiring manager by name.
  • The use of language should be simple, grammatically correct, and easy to comprehend.
  • In the first paragraph, describe in the nutshell about yourself, source, and reasons for connecting with the recruitment team or hiring manager.
  • In the second paragraph, mention the important points about what makes you feel eligible for this particular job. We should avoid bragging about ourselves or underestimating the other side.
  • In the last paragraph, state clearly showing your determination and eagerness to meet in person.
  • Add your professional signature and check the content again. In case you are not sure about spelling or grammar, you can check it online and there are tools available.
  • Attached your CV and Cover letter in PDF format with the file name correctly.


Subject: Seeking for senior software developer 

I am interested in applying for the job role of Software Developer that you have advertised. After going through the job descriptions and requirements, I believe the skillsets and experience which are needed for the job, I have gained it over a period of time and can bring in my expertise and knowledge to contribute and create the design to develop the product.

Please find my attached resume, cover letter, and all the certificates for your consideration.

I would request you to take a moment and kindly go through them and hope you will consider me for the interview. If there is any additional information required, please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and regards,

Raj M

Hope the email tips & the sample email would help you get more interview calls. Please share your thoughts & suggestion in the comment section below. 


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