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How To Develop A Professional Resume To Get Your Dream Job

How to Develop a Professional Resume to Get Your Dream Job

When you are a fresher starting out on your job, it is your resume that will make the first impact on a prospective employer. So, it is important that you create a Professional resume that highlights you in the right way.

Follow this four-step strategy to develop a professional resume:

  • Plan Your Content

  • Short Introduction

  • State a Career Objective

  • Define a Layout

1. Plan Your Content

Before you set out to write your resume, work out the plan in a document. Figure out the things you want to mention, the achievements and training certificates you want to highlight. Do little research on the popular resume keywords relevant to your industry. You can check out free resume templates to understand how it is written

2. Short Introduction

In a few key points define yourself as a professional. Highlight your skill sets in terms of technical knowledge and expertise. It is also a good idea to mention your personal skills and your capabilities to work with a team. It should not just be a mention of the degrees you have got. The introduction should be more about your achievements during your education and training years; points that show your top skills.

3. State a Career Objective

When you are starting out in your career you are most likely to not have work experience to showcase. In this case, you need to define your career objective It should be a short description of how you want to use your knowledge and expertise to achieve your career goals. For example, if you are a design graduate and want to be part of a design team of a leading design house, then highlight in few words what you bring to the table to be inducted into the team.

4. Define a Layout

The layout of your resume depends a lot on the field of study and the career path you have chosen. But you must put your latest contact address, your educational and professional qualification. Mention extra-curricular aspects like languages known, or other vocational qualifications.

Keep the formatting and layout as clean and defined as possible. Take the help of an online resume builder or resume generator to design your resume. It goes long way in helping your prospective employer form a positive picture of you.


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