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Key Tips To Becoming A Content Writer

Key Tips to Becoming a Content Writer

You have always loved playing around with words, and you know you have a way with them. You know you have a talent in writing. Why don’t you put this talent to good use?

As you are aware, content has become a major tool for most organisations to reach out to their customers and target audience. With digital space becoming the first source of information for most users, content writing has emerged as a lucrative career option today. There is a huge demand for quality content writers who can put forth information in a reader-friendly format.

The demand for good writers is from across various industry segments, across different topics. As a content writer for a corporate, you will have to collaborate with various teams; especially marketing, corporate communication and even product and solutions.

Tasks of a Content Writer

  • Interpret business objectives and strategy of the organisation into compelling and engaging content.
  • Understand business and communication objective and strategies of the organisation.
  • Develop insight into the target audience and create content to target each.
  • Brainstorm content ideas based on the objectives defined by various teams.
  • Create a content calendar to work reflect strategy and availability.
  • Write, edit and publish content for the mailers, marketing collateral, websites and blogs
  • Monitor, manage and edit content to fit with brand communication guidelines.
  • Adhere to and adjust the content calendar to work around marketing, and communication requirements.
  • Be a strategic part of the content marketing initiatives of the organisation.
  • Required to produce a wide variety of material including ads, emails, websites, blog entries, papers, articles, and social media postings.

How to become a content writer

  1. Reading and writing should be your top aptitude and talent.
  2. Study in streams like English Literature, English Major, Journalism and Mass Communication to get into content writing and development.
  3. Develop strong writing skills. Work on cultivating different writing styles.
  4. Work on your content visualisation, ideation and layout skills as they are requisite for growth in this segment.
  5. Editing, proofreading, revising content should be part of skillset. You have to be strong grammatically, and be aware of different English usage patterns of different regions globally.
  6. Should be strong on research and analysis of content and trends.
  7. Collaborating with various teams to obtain facts should come easily.

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