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SahiCareer HR Live 1

SahiCareer HR Live 1

SahiCareer is bringing the HR Live series for career guidance advice for job aspirants, students and existing professionals to understand more about career planning from the best thought leaders in the industry.

We kickstarted this awesome series with Aditya Sachan of Infosys. Aditya is Senior Associate Lead, BPHR, Infosys Limited and an alumnus of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Aditya was very willing and eager to share his thoughts as well as answer our queries on an FB Live event on August 4th, Saturday. Here are some excerpts from the live interaction:

SC: What tips or suggestions can you give to join a big company like Infosys?

AS: Orientation should be more towards technology. No doubt that we have other roles like sales and marketing etc., our core identity is IT and technology. So, if you are doing engineering or BSc or MSc, that is something that we are looking for.

SC: Could you share with us your career goals?

AS: I would like to expand into various fields of HR like compensation and working performance etc.

SC: What is the best way to reach your goals, should you move from one job to another or stay with one company for a long time?

AS: This is really based on personal growth. You need to look at the goals you are aspiring for. I can only say if you are doing x amount of work for your company this year and if it does not change to x+1 than you need to relook at your job. But if you have a good team, good growth and good superiors, there’s no reason to leave.

SC: Since you are from the IT industry, can you tell us more about the industry, the latest trends and jobs availability etc.?

AS: As of now, we have two different kinds of job opportunities in the IT sector, because we are in the transition phase. First is the classic technologies, like Java, .net, C++, which are still working and supporting companies for their ERP systems. The other part is the new technologies and solutions which are taking root like artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), machine learning, robotics etc., which are now contributing more and more to the industry. The growth of these kinds of digital technologies and their overall contribution to business has been 20 to 30% every year.

SC: What are the 3 main things you look for in an interviewee?


  • Communication skills and whether they are an effective communicator or not.
  • Agility in learning is what we look for as well.
  • The flexibility of working in any location.


For more details on career planning and career guidance, please watch the entire interaction with Aditya Sachan here.

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