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Time To Become Self-Employed, Become A Freelancer

The ongoing Covid-19 situation around the globe has led to major job cuts, salary cuts, loss of pay, layoffs, and much more. It has forced people to stay indoors and has led to businesses shutting down, closure of critical projects, and consultation. People are struggling to make a living, get cash to run the household, so it makes sense for some of you to join the freelance mission during the Covid-19 lockdown.

No one is stepping out, Schools, Colleges & skill development institutes are conducting online classes. Companies are forced to market and sell their products or services online. Home deliveries have surged. In such a scenario, all the job seekers should possess Internet Skills to either gain a job role or become a freelancer. Digital is the biggest medium today to survive amidst this global pandemic.

We bring you a list of most in-demand freelancing services that you can consider offering while in the COVID-19 lockdown.

Digital Marketing specialists: Companies are willing to advertise online because a majority of their target audience is found online. And with the cost-cutting as high priority, marketing spends on outdoor advertising is shrinking leading to the high demand for Online Marketers. Upskill yourself and join the league of Digital Marketers.

Online Teachers/Trainers: If you like instructing and are a subject matter expert, it is the correct job role for you. You can turn into a trainer or personal guide and begin your sessions through video calling.

Programmers / Software Developers: With Digitization becoming a prime medium to run businesses, companies are looking out for developers to create applications, websites to sell their products & services online. Specialization in JS, Python, WordPress, Mobile Application will help in getting more projects.

Translators: If you’re an expert in various languages, amidst this lockdown you can find some amazing opportunity as a translator. The advantage of being a translator is a majority of the companies offer flexibility in working hours and schedules.

Video Editor & Graphic designer: If you’re well talented with designing or video creating and editing then this the most in-demand job role in the market. A lot of companies are using videos and graphics to reach out to their target audience. Also, online courses, tutorial videos are in great demand these days.

Data Analyst: Data is the most important & valuable asset to possess. One of the topmost demanding skills required by employers. They are in lookout such professionals who can work remotely and help them grow their business strategically.

Content Writing: Content creation & creative writing has increased significantly due to digitization to attract the target audience. So if you are a skilled writer or a passionate writer, then it is quite easy to earn money by offering your services. It’s time to monetize your passion.

Microsoft Office: The demand for professionals with MS Office skills remains high. It is required to automate the task and reduce timelines for report creations and presentations.

Social Media Managers: Social media is the new advertising platform to connect with the target audience. Global connectivity helps in high visibility and brand awareness at the budgeted price.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, things are not going to be the same as a couple of months ago. The question is how are you going to earn your living? Hence, this is the time when you can monetize your skills & passion to run your household. Upskills yourself and prepare your freelancing profile to become self-employed.

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