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Top 5 Careers For Women

Top 5 Careers for Women

Top 5 Careers for Women

  1. Public Relations
  2. Content and Copywriter
  3. Interior Designer
  4. Interpreter and Translator
  5. Fitness Trainers

Every one of us is born with a special skill and ability, that sets us apart from the rest. While men are born with certain capabilities such as strength, women are born and have the natural capacity to be highly intellectual and strategy experts. Harnessing your own natural abilities and choosing a career that suits your talents is indeed an excellent idea, however, if you need ideas and guidance about the top 5 careers for women, then continue reading and be ready to be amazed.

1 – Public Relations

Building on the natural talent women possess to build bridges and repair bonds, this career is ideal for women who are strategic, intellectual and have a knack to communicate their message clearly and concisely. Most firms, both small and large, need excellent PR managers to help them develop trust with their clientele and also with the world. Firms in India are constantly looking for excellent candidates to join them and are willing to pay top dollar for the right candidate.

2 – Content and Copywriter

Women tend to be more artistic and creative in nature compared to men, which makes them perfect candidates for firms looking for firms who use their words to entice clients into opting for products and services. Women who have a natural talent to spin words into stories and have a flair for languages can apply for jobs in news and journalism firms, advertisement agencies and many more. With some guidance and nurturing, a simple pen can indeed be mightier than a brute force sword.

3 -Interior Designer

Once again, building on the inherent nature of women, who love beautifying walls, homes with an eye for details and excellent taste, women make excellent interior designers and decorators. There are numerous interior designing institutes that offer both learning programs as well as internships to interested students looking to pursue a career in various forms of interior designing. Like many other top careers for women, interior designing pays a good amount for talented candidates with the willingness to shine and perform.

4 – Interpreter and Translator

Women tend to possess a natural talent to pick up languages quickly and efficiently, which makes them ideal candidates for jobs that need interpreters and translators. With this career, the sky is the limit as far as language skills go and so is the remuneration offered for the right candidates. Firms such as private establishments and corporate companies, look for people who can speak fluent English, Spanish, German, French, Latin and Italian. Many small and large firms also need candidates who can speak fluent Indian languages. The ability to read and write these languages or transcribe them can bump up your salary further.

5 – Fitness Trainers

Contrary to the popular belief that men are stronger than women, in reality, women possess a natural tendency to be fit and inspire others to do just this. Women who have a will to succeed and know the importance of taking care of their health through nutrition and fitness such as cardiovascular regimes as well as weight training can consider registering in institutes that train and provide internship to interested candidates. The reason women make excellent fitness trainers is because of their core strength and ability to encourage their clients to stick to their fitness regimes. The health industry, specifically the fitness industry, is one of the top-paying sectors for women who are dedicated to keeping themselves as well as their clients fit with knowledge, dedication and good advice.

The Cornerstone to Your Success

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