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Top Qualities Of A Good HR Manager

Top Qualities Of A Good HR Manager

You are often called a people’s person. If you love to listen and sort out issues for people around you Human Resources might just be the career for you.

What is human resources or HR

It is a job role that involves helping employees within an organisation understand and achieve their goals and potential. Human resources or HR is a very important aspect within any organisation. The department is there to develop human capital and talent pool. This is important for an organisation for retaining its competitive edge.

Role of an HR professional

This is why HR professionals come into play. They are the key players for an organisations HR department. They are the people who help an organisation develop its people and talent pool. One of the major duties of an HR Professional is to identify and hire the candidates for a job within an organisation. The person should be able to scout talent and match it to the job requirement within the organisation. It is not only important to hire an employee but also be able to retain that talent.

How to be a great HR manager

If you are looking at joining the HR department of an organisation, there are a set of HR Manager skills and competencies that you have to develop. Take a look at what those are:

  • Follow a strict code of ethics

  • Be organised

  • Hone your communication skills

Top skill #1: Follow a strict code of ethics

An HR professional’s key attribute is trustworthiness and someone who is highly professional and discreet. You have to develop a keen sense of ethics, and should be able to hold on to confidential information. You have to ensure that policies are being followed in a proper manner. Develop an aura of trustworthiness so that employees feel secure taking your support. You’ll need to set ethical and behavioural standards that other employees can follow.

Top skill #2: Be organised

As an HR professional, you have to be organised at every aspect of your professional life. You have to practice what you expect from the other employees within the organisation. You have to be strict about self-discipline. Time management is very crucial for an HR manager because you will be multitasking almost on a daily basis. It is a great balancing act for an HR professional as you have to work both for the employer and the employees and ensure their needs are met. Learn to stick to deadlines to accomplishing your objectives on a regular basis.  

Top skill #3: Hone your communication skills

The most important aspect of an HR professional is a communication skill. You have to be good at communicating – after all it is your primary job to facilitate communication between the employer and the employees of an organisation. You have to develop both your oral and written communication

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