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Why Career Assessment Is Important In Deciding Your Career Path?

Why Career Assessment is important in deciding your Career Path?

Are you a 10th/12th grade student or a  Graduate/Post Graduate student?

Have you thought about your career already?

Approximately 80% of the students do not think of their career right from the very beginning and they end up choosing a career path that is not in sync with their skills, interests, and aptitude. 

Most of the time, students are so cornered by exam goals that their focus falls less on what happens post-exams and results. Be it competitive exams or regular board exams, it is stressful for students. The exam time is full of learning pressure. The months ahead are probably highly speculative regarding which stream to choose for higher education or what job profile to apply for. There is also an added pressure of managing parental expectations.

If we talk about career decision making in India, a lot of such decisions are dependent on exam scores, availability of admissions in the required field or what parents have dreamt for their children to be. It’s been years now, the most talked-about dream career choices have been IT/software engineering, chartered accountancy, banking, or medical.

But do you think all these freshly graduated students fit into these few job categories? The answer is an obvious no. Moreover, we find that the industry pet peeve is the inability to find the right skilled workers suited to their requirements. In this scenario, are students realistically able to align their skills with their passion and arrive at a career direction best suited for them?

This crucial aspect of career planning is addressed by an online aptitude test that can help you undergo a  career assessment that can increase your self-awareness about your skills, interests & aptitude. Here is how career assessment done at the right time can help you boost your career choices:

  • Recognize your skills, interests, passion, and aptitude
  • Discover educational or professional programs that suit results
  • Explore career options aligned with degree programs
  • Streamline and identify career goals
  • Create a data-based career plan and roadmap

Career planning is probably the biggest decision in a student’s life. And what could be more rewarding for a school going student that they can start discovering and initiating a roadmap leading them to their dream job right from the beginning?

SahiCareer makes it possible for as early as 9th-grade students to acquire this scientific career guidance. At SahiCareer, we have mapped out 1000+ numbers of careers to help you make the right career choice. Whether you are in 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade or in college, you can make your career planning easier by taking the Free Career Assessment Test to understand your skills and rediscover your potential. In addition to this, we provide career guidance from our experts along with support in building a professional resume!

The decision to hire is made by recruiters within 2 minutes of looking at a resume in 98% of the cases. Let us help you stand out from the crowd. Try our Free Resume Generator today.

SahiCareer also offers Stream Selection, Course selection and Industry Selection plans that will make your career decision more fortified and self-explanatory when you discuss it with your family. Rest assured, with SahiCareer, your career will be on the right path!

Come, let us build your career together. Check out our user-friendly website.

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