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You Go Girl!! Make The Right Career Choice

You Go Girl!! Make The Right Career Choice

If women understood and exercised their power they could remake the world. – Emily Taft Douglas

A few decades earlier, there were only a handful of careers best suited for women. However, women these days are blessed with the choice of being able to find, make and succeed on their own path, especially career wise. Making the right career choice for women is a combination of two important factors, a woman’s ability to understand her natural talents and an educational institute’s ability to tap into a series of skill sets. Since women are naturally multi-talented and have an eye for detail, we have compiled this list of top 5 career choices for women in the modern era.

1) Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force has helped numerous men and women succeed over the years. This department of the Indian Government, has not only helped women find a career choice they are good at, but also harness their skills and train them enough so that they can achieve the impossible. This well paying and prestigious career for women can be yours if you crack the AFCAT examination, and a good career counsellor can guide you better as well as help you ace the test.

2) Athletes 

In the olden days, sports was a male dominated industry. , However, with the uprising of female talent, career choices for women now include professional gymnasts, swimmers, wrestlers, long distance runners and much more. Women that qualify can also benefit from the sports quota that entitles them to positions in various departments where they can play for their country/ state/ district while representing their department. This career for women is definitely worth looking into, especially for those ladies who believe that they are fit, love s ports and would like to contribute to the country’s success.

3) Graphics Designing

Although graphic designing is considered to be more of a technical job as compared to a creative job, this is not entirely true. With basic computer application knowledge and a will to learn the latest in demand software applications, women can indeed excel in this career. To join a company as a graphics designer, and embark on this career for women, all you need to do is find a computer training institute that offers recognized graphic designing courses. Keep in mind that not all institutes are accredited at a nation- wide level, thus finding the right list of institutes with the help of a career counsellor might be a safe bet.

4) Pastry Chef

There are many bakeries on every road in metropolitan cities, but we all want more! There is always a need for talented pastry chefs to create mouth-watering cakes, that are also a sight to behold. If you have a knack for baking and would like to learn the finer arts of baking such as making elegant icing roses, sculpting cake molds into edible figurines and more, then joining an accredited baking institute can be your stepping stone to career success.

5) Bankers

The empowerment of women began many years ago, when women started fighting for their rights and getting jobs at banks, airlines, private sectors amongst others. Becoming a banker can be one of the top career choices for women, and will require both learning the process as well as applying your mind to the job. Female bankers tend to earn an excellent amount at various levels in their career, this lucrative career choice can be accomplished easily by doing add on certifications in the banking sector.

If you need someone to hold your hand and guide you along your path to success, then Sahi Career is a good career counselling platform from you. Right from aptitude tests to helping identify courses, institute lists and job applications, get help at all stages of your career.

We wish you all the best.

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